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PTI Octopus Portal

PTI has developed a proprietary training portal, The Octopus, to empower socially and economically disadvantaged individuals. The portal has eight legs, is administered over six months, and is the foundation for success and progress for each learner.

Why did PTI choose the "Octopus" as its Foundation?

  • Its blue blood represents peace.
  • Its three hearts represent Faith, Freedom, and Famly
  • Its nine brains represent the synergy that brings people and their minds together.
  • An octopus has eight legs - yet they all work together and are interconnected.

The Octopus Portal has eight legs.

  • Each leg focuses on a development and progress area and has 4-5 courses within it.
  • Each course consists of multiple modules with 3-10 lessons within.
  • Each lesson is about 10 minutes in length.
  • Most lessons have a brief quiz and/or assignment.

PTI Octopus Portal is a training platform and a key asset in the learner transformation ecosystem. The Octopus is part of an overall success system consisting of Five Modes of Impact and is unique because of:

  • Its custom-tailored design for each specific socially and economically disadvantaged individual.
  • Group sessions each week,
  • Learners receive 1-on-1 meetings with highly experienced subject experts to assist them through the tough spots and ensure they have successfully retained the courses.
  • It provides instant gratification monetarily and socially
  • Utilizing learners' and trainers' feedback to measure effectiveness and to tweak the Octopus further.

Who We Serve

PTI focuses on learners' individual and collective needs based on primary data. We serve socially and economically disadvantaged individuals who want to be productive citizens. Research has shown that high school graduates need guidance as they engage in independence. Those who have experienced foster care require a fresh start, and formerly incarcerated individuals need intensive care for progress and public acceptance.

Three types of learners:


High school graduating class

High School Graduating Class

Fresh Start

Aging out of foster care

Aging Out Of Foster Care


Prison to six figures

Prison To Six Figures

How PTI Serve Learners

One or several head coaches will teach each leg of the Octopus Portal. Trained assistant coaches will facilitate weekly live zoom sessions with cohorts of 12-15 learners each.

The First Mode Of Impact

Learners will spend 30-60 minutes per week consuming content delivered through the Octopus Portal by viewing five to six lessons.  They will receive an assignment and a brief quiz. Notably, the individual can complete this aspect of the program on their time.

The Second Mode Of Impact

The learners will meet live for 60 minutes at the same recurring time each week with a coach. The learners will meet all the head coaches at the beginning and periodically throughout the program. The assistant coaches will do most of the facilitating to have 25 small groups rather than far fewer large groups.

Assistant coaches are trained thoroughly on the material to facilitate productive and engaging conversations and “read between the lines” where needed. They must be great listeners and are prepared to ask thought-provoking questions. The coaches will collect data on which needs arose from the conversations. They will periodically launch polls via Zoom to foster deeper discussions on specific topics and allows us to collect data for the program. 

Sessions will be recorded and made available only to the members of that cohort. Regular participation is mandatory (emergencies excluded).

The Third Mode Of Impact

The learners also have access to a social learning platform embedded in the Octopus Portal.

There are Facebook-like timelines so learners can communicate with each other and their coaches.

  • Learning milestones for each learner can be posted to the wall automatically for increased gamification, camaraderie, and conversation.
  • Advanced user profiles so that learners can personalize their learning platform
  • An option for learners to share their profiles, achievements, and certificates to show the public what they’ve accomplished.

The Fourth Mode Of Impact

The learners also get access to personalized learning areas inside the Portal.

We plan to use these private areas to receive the owner’s KISS business plans and other assignments and give feedback.

We will use these Private Areas for:

  • Specific content for specific members
  • Having a private discussion
  • Passing information back and forth
  • Publishing call details and replays
  • Posting personalized messages after reviewing learner performance in the portal

The fourth mode allows us to interact with our learners internally versus sending them away to forums, Facebook groups, or email inboxes to deliver private content and conversations.

The Fifth Mode Of Impact

Learners will be assigned a specialty coach and must meet with that coach 1-2 times per month. The learners will also receive 1-on-1 assistance during office hours with the coaches or on-demand as scheduled.  This element is critical for the success of the program.

The Sixth Mode Of Impact

Learners will perform in the field with hands-on instructions while earning income. The income will establish employment required to qualify for homeownership while providing monies to meet their financial obligations.

Metrics for Success

  • 80% of PTI learners obtain all certifications made available to them
  • 80% of PTI learners become a homeowner within 36 months of entering PTI