Why "Learners" Instead of "Students?

PTI understands that words are very important and serve as energy. That's why PTI's participants are called "learners" instead of "students" because the sole purpose of being at PTI is to learn what is being taught.

PTI Learners Three Key Ingredients For Success

  1. Listening
  2. Skin-In-The-Game
  3. Drug-Free

National Opportunity League

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Prison To Six Figures

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2024 High School Graduating Class

High school graduating class

Aging Out Of Foster Care 2024

Aging out of foster care

PTI Advisory Team

Stephie Althouse, Ph.D.

Stephie Althouse, Ph.D.
Owner and CEO
The Brilliance Mine
Flower Mound, Texas

Dr. Marty Casey

Dr. Marty K. Casey
Founder, Trauma Coach
UnGUN Institute, LLC
St. Louis, Missouri

Byron Jarrett

Byron Jarrett
Chief Executive Officer/President
Innovative Counseling and Consulting
Des Moines & Ames, Iowa

Erica Taylor

Erica Taylor, LCSW-S
Owner and CEO
Taylormade Child & Family Solutions
Red Oak, Texas

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